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Ahmed Bouzeraa, Follow med of his artist name, was born in 1972, in the small village of Tabala located in the fertile mountains and rich in olive trees of the North-East of Algeria, was already, from a young age, in search of means of expression, in an environment where it was rare to express one's feelings.

In 1974, the family moved to France, to Reims, where he discovered the world of bookmobiles and comic strips, an open window to other horizons.

It was in 1984, during a summer in Algeria, that he met the encounter that would change his life: The Koranic Letter.  This year marks the beginning of his artistic journey, drawing him into a mystical universe. That same year, his father's abandonment plunged him into a melancholy world of solitude and triggered a quest for meaning and identity.

Providence then leads him to Constantine where he continues his studies. To assess his level, he is asked to write his first name in Arabic. It was there that he received his first compliment. Unconsciously, his link with writing and The Koranic Letter is growing stronger. From then on, he set out to collect them, thus creating his own universe.

Far from suspecting that it was part of an unconscious process, that of identifying with a father figure, his quest will lead him, by Divine Grace, towards the most perfect models: the Sublime Divine Names.

It took him 37 long years of hardship to realize this.

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“It was on the beautiful beaches of Jijel, through writing on the sand, that my first artistic steps were born. The universe of Digital Art and its infinite possibilities then allowed me to share these moments of inspiration with as many people as possible. Today, no matter where the wind takes me, I enjoy embodying this passion that drives me and sharing its fruits. »

In November 2008, on his birthday, he gave himself the most beautiful gift by creating his very first digital Symbolography of the Divine Name "ElAwal - The First", a symbol of a first step towards a long and divine therapy.

In June 2009, he trained in Design and Graphics at Lignes & Formations, he is inspired by the contrast of quality which particularly attracts his attention and creates his second symbolography of the Divine Name "ElAdhim - The Magnificent, The Immeasurable"

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In January 2020, he flew to Tangier to participate in the "Process Com®" workshop.  There he discovers his empathetic nature which awakens him to his immense creative potential.

In January 2021, he met Professor Raouti Rezali in Paris and immersed himself in his approach through etymology, which offers more meaning and invites us to return to the primitive meaning of words.

Back in Paris, two months later, he set out to discover his excellence in action with the “Identity Operating Mode & Iterative or MO2i”. Professor Raouti Rezali asks him to draw his “excellence” and, intuitively, Follow med draws a multi-fruited Celestial Tree, the roots pointing towards the sky, each of them extending infinitely towards A Sublime Divine Name. Its branches full of ripe fruit, suspended above our planet within reach of humanity and much more… (The Manifesting Beings).

A tree connected to the Divine through its roots and whose fruits represent a multitude of singularities.

Source finally found, Vertical Path enlightened, Divine Power Shared!

Such was his Haiku, which sealed the incarnation of his own singularity.

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The approach by etymology reveals to him the meaning of his first name through the notion of magnifying, as well as the meaning of his middle name, through the notion of interior edification. He then makes the link with The Divine Name "ElAdhim", symbol of edification in all its splendour. Once again, The Koranic Letter resonates within him, this time inviting him to explore the depths and subtleties of each letter of the work "ElAdhim - The Magnificent, The Immeasurable".

September 2022, accompanied by La Condamine, Follow med universally expresses its raison d'être: "Arouse the most singular emotions"!

Today, his artistic approach invites us to become aware of our Deep Self, in order to recognize its singular character and its universal legitimacy, as he himself experienced it in the company of the Divine Name " ElAdhim »

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Self-taught artist in full bloom, Follow med feeds on the emotions that surround him in order to extract their very essence. It is in the world of symbols that he draws all his inspiration, where each symbol represents a reading key that is both universal and unique to each human being.

And it is through "The Symbol" in its universal sense that he was able to find his artistic style which he called Symbolography, a mixture of symbols and graphics.

Each letter, each symbol, is actually a part of himself that aspires to arouse emotion. For him, each work is a quest for meaning that graphically harmonizes an emotion and its subtle triggering symbol. It tells an authentic story that invites us to reconnect with our Essence."This is how I like to intuitively perceive the link between The Symbol and the emotion triggered, to finally marvel at the Unsuspected Subtle. »

An Unbreakable bond, a Radiant and Transcendent alchemy. Each resonance with the triggering symbol then becomes a work in progress.

“From that moment, I am completely drawn in by Him, He takes me with emotion to discover the subtleties it contains in order to reveal His own Essence to us. »

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Today, Ahmed is a contemporary artist who considers himself a “collector of emotions”, described by some as an “explorer of the invisible”. His work, inspired by The Koranic Letter through content and form, under the prism of the universal language of symbols, makes it a remarkably innovative new art.


Known for his deep empathy, Ahmed emphasizes the universal message conveyed by each symbol in order to arouse the most beautiful emotions.


“The most beautiful of our works resides in our humanity. »

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