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Vibratory Sheet Music ElFatiha

Project type

Resonance & Vibratory Immersion


October 2021 / October 2022

Vibratory symbolography of sura ElFatiha & its Rahma key, synthesis of the entire Quranic Text, felt and lived in a vibratory way through the prism of La Rahma.

History :

In October 2021, I signed up for the "Salat Booster" training, we studied '' Surah El-Faatiha '' there! The teachings of Professor Raouti Rezali literally sucked us into the very heart of "The Koranic Letter"! Having a strong appetite for the universal world of symbols, for me each letter was like a new fruit with a vibratory exquisite taste! This is how through each moment, hidden subtleties emerged... which ended up giving birth to: The ''Vibratory Score El-Faatiha''
The work of a whole year!

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